How to Refresh Your Look with Colorful New Pieces

How to Refresh Your Look with Colorful New Pieces

Sometimes you need a bit of a pick-me-up, but shopping for new clothes isn’t always an option. Refreshing your wardrobe is easy when you look for clever ways to update your pieces with color. Whether you’re looking to mix bold prints or just add more vibrant pieces to your closet, here’s how to refresh your look with colorful new pieces.

Mix and Match Your Basics

Subtle updates have the power to make your wardrobe look brand new. An easy way to mix and match your basics is with bright hues that can be layered and styled together. Start by selecting two to three neutral basics that you can use as building blocks, like a plain white tee, a comfy cardigan, and a pair of stretched jeans. Once you have your basics, pair different, complementary colors together to up the energy and create a cohesive look. For example, adding chartreuse skinny jeans and a lemon yellow blazer to the aforementioned outfit can completely change the vibe and turn a monochromatic look into something much more interesting.

Introduce a Pop of Color

For something a bit more daring, you can add a pop of color to your outfit. Whether it’s a vibrant accessory or a pair of statement shoes, adding a bright piece can instantly update your look. For example, a bright necklace works perfectly to elevate an otherwise neutral ensemble. Another approach would be to think of a single feature you’d like to enhance and build an outfit around that piece. If you have a pair of bright shoes that you’d like to show off, start by picking a few basics in similar hues and go from there. The key is to experiment with different pieces to find the color combination that works best for you.

Invest in Colorful Outerwear

Outerwear has the power to completely change up your look, no matter what you’re wearing underneath. If you want to make a statement, pick something in an unexpected color. By choosing an uncharacteristic hue like teal or saffron yellow, you can instantly modernize an outfit and add an unexpected twist. If you’re apprehensive about bright statement pieces, you can also select something in a classic hue that is slightly brighter than what you’d usually wear. For instance, if you’re used to wearing light blue denim, try switching things up with a crisp cobalt hue.

Try a Unique Print

Go for a bolder look and opt for a statement print. Animal prints are a great way to create an eye-catching accent that is sure to turn heads. From zebra-striped pants to leopard-printed blouses, the possibilities are endless. To pull the look together, be sure to stick with the same color palette and select pieces that complement each other. If you’re feeling daring, try pairing two or three different animal prints together and play with different textures – like a silky blouse paired with velvety pants – to add visual interest.


There’s no need for a full wardrobe overhaul if you’re looking for a way to infuse more personality into your look. Make use of what you have, and update your pieces with color. Whether it’s reworking your basics with bright hues, investing in a statement piece, or adding a pop of color to your outfit, you’ll definitely give your wardrobe the refresh it needs.


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