Styling Your Outfit Around the Perfect Shoes

Styling Your Outfit Around the Perfect Shoes

When it comes to crafting an outfit it can often be a challenge to pick out the perfect shoes to complete the look. For those who want to really make a statement, it can be the perfect opportunity to explore their personal style and make a bold decision – but there are hidden dangers to getting it wrong. The perfect shoes can dramatically change the overall appearance of an outfit and can add some much needed variety and creativity to an ensemble which may otherwise have looked bland and boring. In this article, we will discuss the art of styling an outfit around the perfect shoes and how to ensure that you make the right style statement every time.

Choose the Right Shoes for Your Occasion

When deciding upon the right shoes for your outfit, it is important to first consider the occasion that you may be attending. For those who go to any event, casual or formal, looking overdressed or too casual can make for an uncomfortable evening for all involved. When selecting the shoes to pair with an outfit it’s important to take into account the occasion to be able to dress appropriately.

Styling for a Formal Occasion

When it comes to formal occasions then the choice of shoes should be something sleek and sophisticated. A black patent leather shoe is a classic choice and pairs well with a tuxedo or a formal dress. While wearing a sneaker may seem like a daring fashion statement, it isn’t always appropriate and can make the wearer appear as if they have dressed down for the occasion.

Styling for a Casual Occasion

For those who are attending a more relaxed affair then the choice of shoes can allow you to express a little more individuality. Bright colors, bold design features and contrasting textures can all be played with to create an ensemble that catches the eye. However, it is important that the shoes are still able to harmonize with the other pieces of the outfit to create an overall appealing look.

Beware of Fads and Trends

It is important to remember that fashion trends come and go and many of them are only meant to last for a season or two. While it may be tempting to buy the latest fad shoe that you saw on the runway, it may not be in fashion when the occasion rolls around guaranteed to make you look like the belle of the ball. 

Go For Quality

When buying shoes, the quality of the shoes is a key factor in ensuring that they will last. Quality shoes will be comfortable as well as stylish and it is better to invest in expensive shoes that can withstand everyday wear and tear, rather than having to buy a new pair of cheaper versions every few months. 


Styling an outfit around the perfect shoe can elevate your look and create an eye-catching ensemble that ensures you look your best. From casual events to formal occasions, taking the time to select the right shoe for the occsion can be a fun process. However, it is important to remember to stay away from fads come and go and to invest in quality shoes that will stand the test of time.

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