Glovo 121m swiss stonewegmunoz montijanobloomberg

Glovo 121m Swiss Stonewegmunoz Montijanobloomberg

Glovo 121m swiss stonewegmunoz montijanobloomberg is a recent investment deal that has been gaining traction in the international business world. It is the largest single tech investment ever made by a Swiss company and the biggest Series C funding round closed by any Spanish startup. This impressive deal has been made possible due to the involvement of several big names in the tech industry such as Montijano Bloomberg, StonewegMunoz and Swiss private equity firm Redalpine. In this article, we will discuss the details of this recent investment, the potential implications of this new venture, as well as how startups can benefit from such an investment.

Background of the Deal

Glovo 121m swiss stonewegmunoz montijanobloomberg is a new venture between Spanish startup Glovo and key investors in the tech industry. Glovo is a mobile application which allows users to purchase goods from local stores and have them delivered to them. It has quickly become the leading on-demand delivery service in Spain and has seen considerable expansion in other countries throughout Europe including France, Italy, and Portugal.

Swiss Private Equity Firm Redalpine and Montijano Bloomberg have joined together to lead a large investment deal in Glovo. This massive investment is the largest to ever be made by a Swiss entity and represents the biggest series C funding round closed by any Spanish startup. The impressive 121m euro amount is set to be used by the founders in order to expand Glovo’s reach, activities, and business operations.

StonewegMunoz and its Interesting History

StonewegMunoz is the name of a private equity firm founded in 2010 by a duo of experienced businessmen, namely David Stone and Giles Munoz. The two entrepreneurs have a long history of making impressive investments, usually with a focus on technology and disruptive business models.

The pair have made several big name investments in the past, including social media giant Twitter, travel search engine Skyscanner, and navigation system Waze. These investments have earned huge returns, demonstrating just how well Stone and Munoz know their stuff when it comes to the tech industry.

Implications of the Investment

The implications of this investment deal are quite clear; it shows that there is huge potential in Glovo’s innovative business model. Not only does the investment demonstrate that tech-savvy investors are confident in the prospects for Glovo and its future, but it also suggests that other disruptive startups can experience similar success with their own business models.

It also provides valuable insight on the dynamics of the tech industry, particularly in regard to venture capital deals. This investment can serve as an example to startups of how they can attract the attention of influential investors, who are willing to invest in their business and help them to grow and succeed.


Steamrolling through the tech investment world, the 121m euro investment made by Redalpine, Montijano Bloomberg and StonewegMunoz in Spanish startup Glovo is a major milestone in the industry. Reflecting upon the investment made by the tech titans, it signifies a major achievement on the part of Glovo, and the possibilities that this new venture holds are sure to shake up the world of international business and tech investing. This deal also sheds light on the potential that exists for disruptive startups to make it big on the global stage.


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