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Raegan Revord Bio, Family, Education

Raegan Revord is an American child actress who rose to prominence through her role as Megan Parker in the sitcom Modern Family. She has since starred in numerous commercials, web-series, and films, making her a beloved face on the small screen. This article provides an overview of Raegan Revord’s career, as well as her personal life and charities she supports.

Early Life & Acting Career

Raegan Revord was born on April 7, 2007, in California, USA. Her parents are Jimmy and Shelley Revord. From an early age, she already had the desire to act and take part in shows and plays. When she was seven years old, she was scouted by a talent agent and soon became a regular face in the entertainment industry.

Early Roles

In 2014, Raegan bagged her first minor role as a news reporter in an episode of the sitcom Times We Had. Shortly after, she made appearances in the drama series Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy. Her other early roles included roles in American videos, shorts, and commercials.

Breakthrough in Modern Family

Raegan’s first major role came in 2013 when she was cast as Megan Parker in the ABC sitcom Modern Family. She played the role of Mitchell and Cameron’s adopted daughter, who was originally from Vietnam. Her performance was praised by viewers and critics alike.

Other Roles:

  • 2018: Starred in the romantic comedy film, Life of the Party as a preschooler. 
  • 2020: Appeared in the TV movie, An American Summer, as Lacey Abbott. 
  • 2021: Has a leading role in the film, Prank Encounters. 

Music Career

In 2019, Raegan ventured into the music industry by releasing her debut single titled Gambling Man. The song got a positive reception from the public and was even played on the hit show Glee. 

Personal Life

Raegan is a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise and often posts about her interest on her social media pages. She also owns a pet Chihuahua named Peanut.

Charitable Work

Raegan is heavily involved in fundraising activities for various charity organizations. She has raised $100,000 to support cancer and mental health charities, as well as providing financial aid to struggling families.


Raegan Revord has achieved a lot in her young career, including securing roles in popular TV shows and movies, as well as releasing her own music. Despite it all, she still manages to make time for her personal interests and charity work. Her early success has promised a promising career for this young actress.


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