Dive Into Classic Movies Buffets With Bolly2tolly

Bolly2Tolly is a popular streaming website dedicated to providing Indian film, television and music. It is the leading regional entertainment hub in India, with an extensive collection of movies, shows, original content and music. With Bolly2Tolly, you can watch a wide selection of South Indian and Bollywood films, as well as access a variety of music and TV programs. This article will provide an overview of what Bolly2Tolly has to offer and its features.

History of Bolly2Tolly 

Bolly2Tolly was founded in 2012 by two Indian entrepreneurs, Harishankar and Shishir Mittal. The site was created as a platform for Indian viewers to view the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and South Indian films. Today, the company has grown to become a leading online entertainment provider in India with millions of users accessing its services.

Features of Bolly2Tolly 

The primary focus of Bolly2Tolly is to provide access to the latest movies, shows, music and other content from around the world. Bolly2Tolly offers a wide selection of regional and international content including: 

Movies: Bolly2Tolly has a huge library of movies from the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and South Indian releases. This includes genre options such as action, comedy, drama, romance and horror. Additionally, B2T offers movie trailers, reviews and ratings.

TV Shows: Bolly2Tolly also provides access to popular Indian TV shows and series. This includes streaming of the latest episodes as well as catch-up TV.

Music: Bolly2Tolly hosts a large selection of regional and international music, including Hindi, Tamil and Telugu songs, as well as popular English music.

Original Content: Bolly2Tolly also produces its own original content such as web series, shows and movies.

Other Features: Bolly2Tolly also provides the ability to download content for offline viewing, access live streaming and cast content to compatible devices.

Subscription Options

Bolly2Tolly offers a range of subscription options. The basic package offers access to the entire library of movies, shows and music for a nominal fee. Additionally, B2T offers premium subscription plans that include access to HD content and exclusive content not available on the basic package.


Bolly2Tolly is a great option for viewers looking to access the best in Indian film, television and music. With an extensive selection of movies, shows, original content and music, B2T has something for everyone. Additionally, the platform offers easy access to a range of subscription options, providing users with the flexibility to enjoy their favourite content with ease.


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